Wow this is a first. I saw this sign at a business I visited this week. I stopped to read it because you just don't know these days which establishments are still requiring masks. Can I just say mad respect for this place? You talk about a place that cares about their employees. Their safety, well being, HEALTH more importantly!

As a mother of 3 beautiful children, a sister, a proud daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a friend....this is EXACTLY how I would want any of my friends or family members to be taken care of. I have NEVER had a problem wearing my mask. Been doing so from day 1, no problems, no issues. I don't understand the Karen's, I just don't get it. I've seen way too many posts and read far too many obituaries of those whose loved ones lost their lives, young and old because of this horrible virus. 

If my wearing a mask keeps me, you and every single person that I love safe, then consider it done, no questions asked! Clearly at this particular establishment there are employees with underlying conditions, or at-risk. Been there, done that. I lost parents to these 'underlying conditions.' (not to COVID) I cannot imagine having lost them to COVID, needlessly. I have immediate family members who are 'at-risk.' Compassion people. Decency. Don't be a Karen. I'll do my part to keep myself and those I care for protected and safe and hopefully, just like this business, you will do the same.
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