As a family of baseball fanatics, (like many here in West Texas are) we knew once the MLB season kicked off, we would be eager to head to the baseball field to watch a game, so we immediately got online to buy tickets for the earliest home game that we could. Therefore, these Texas Rangers baseball fans will be headed to the new Globe Life Field soon. We have not yet been to watch a game in the new stadium, so a trip to the Metroplex is in our near future. 

However, when a fellow fanatic heard our plan, we were told that 'we would need a negative COVID test before we could enter the ball park.' (insert record scratch here) Wait, on actual opening day last week, Globe Life was packed to full capacity, zero social distancing was being practiced and now they want me to go through the trouble of taking a test? The irony. So I decided to investigate...

As luck would have it, according to the website, obviously if fans are experiencing COVID symptoms, do not try to go to a game. But no negative test is required and masks will have to be worn at the game, except when fans are 'actively eating or drinking. Social distancing will still be required on the concourse, and hand sanitizing stations will continue to be placed throughout the stadium.'

From the sounds of it, entry into the ball park and concessions will be cashless and ticketless as well. No exchange of money or tickets will be done. Tickets will be checked on your mobile device and food and drink can be purchased with credit cards.

Whew! Thankfully the negative test info was incorrect. Take me out to the ballgame...I'm ready!
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