I remember this time last year my kids starting school and being concerned about having to wear masks at school. I tried to help ease that anxiety a bit by finding them cool masks to wear but everyday after school, I would hear about it. I'm tired of wearing my mask mom. Or they couldn't wait to jump in the car when mom picked them up and rip it off! 

Cut to this year both asking me when we began our back to school shopping, 'do we have to wear masks this year in school mom?' I told them I had not heard that they were going to be required this year but who knows?

It was tough seeing friends and family members who are teachers have to wear all of the proper protective equipment and teach a class of frustrated students all day as well. I heard so many stories.

So this year, exactly one year later, masks are done. My children were so happy to learn they would not be wearing them this year. I was excited for them as well, until I start seeing stories like the one I told just the other day. COVID cases are on the rise once again with the Delta variant, a strain they say is more infectious.

The big question now is, should kids start wearing masks again in school? 

Some schools in the state of Texas are finding creative ways of getting around Governor Abbott's ban on mask mandates by adding masks to their dress code.

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