New School Restrictions This Year
I'm not going to lie, I am a little bummed out about some school rules this year. I get it, times are weird, crazy right now but it still doesn't keep me from being sad for my kids as I'm sure many parents are. My children have the option to do remote learning or in school, mine are e…
What Are Cats Like?
ICYMI this morning Leo & Rebecca's buzz question was about the woman who does not want to go to her new boyfriend's apartment because he has cats and 'it's not her thing.' I personally have never had a cat as a pet nor have I ever really been around them simply becau…
🎧Cat Plays Piano When He Wants To Be Fed
Here's todays FOUND SOUND!
The cat who plays piano WHEN HE IS hungry!
Yep, most cats will MEOW, maybe come and hit you with their paws or sit by thier bowl. NOT THIS CAT!
He plays the piano! Check him out below. Would this bother you?
I actually would mind it...

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