Breast Augmentation 101 Q & A Today At Medical Spa Of Midland
I speak from experience when I say, Medical Spa of Midland is having a super cool, informative event tonight, having to do with breast augmentation which is what I had done 2 years ago. Am I still happy with my results? You bet I am! Do I recommend you check out…
What Kind Of Gas Pumper Are You?
As I was putting gas in my ride yesterday, I realized something. I remembered from when I was younger, that my dad would have gone all the way to $34. As you can see, I did not. If I'm filling up with gas, I let it stop, take the gas pump out, replace it and the cap and go on about my day.
Self Checkout Vs. Regular Checkout
Anyone else know the struggle of the self-checkout at the store? My man always tells me, just go through self-check it's quicker and I tell him no, those things never work for me! Well I finally got the chance to prove to him what I was talking about.
You Can Stay In A Bubble Hotel Right Here In West Texas
Ok so I heard about this little piece of heaven close to home and I have to say, I would love to visit soon! How would you like to sleep in a bubble and get a good view of our beautiful West Texas sky? Basecamp Terlingua allows you to do so in a bubble tent.

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