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Anti Bacterial Wipes Are My Best Friend
I am not mad at a hotel we stayed at recently on a getaway trip. They made it very clear on signs posted around the building that the entire building was sanitized and very clean but once we got to the room, we found these alcohol wipes for a little extra reassurance I guess.
To Peel Or Not To Peel?
Eat with skin or without? Is this a thing in anyone else's household? I love me some cucumber with Tajin, salt, pepper, yum! And tbh, with skin or not, makes no difference to me but if any other member of my family is eating cucumber, I have to pull out the peeler.
Why I’m A Dodgers Fan! Go Dodgers!
Our fam is a baseball fam hands down. We love our baseball and even though we love all of our Texas teams, the very first MLB game my daddy ever took me to was an LA DODGERS game, back in the late 80's. I had a great experience at Dodger Stadium, I've eaten countless 'Dodger dogs&apos…

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