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I Need YOU To Help Me Out With Suggestions
Alright so I totally jumped on the bandwagon and watched YOU on Netflix over the holidays and on my vacation! I saw so many posting about it on social media and thought yeah whatevs I'll give it a shot. Holy cow, season 1 episode 1 I was hooked! I legit stayed up until 4 a.m. a couple of nights…
Nothing Can Test Your Relationship Like….
fixing a stupid toilet. Ok I had to. Got a few honey-do projects going on at home right now and I had to throw it out because I know so many of you can relate. Nothing can test your relationship like....projects like this. Gross bathroom matters that need the man of the house's attention. lol
Rise Of Skywalker Is BIG And The Best Star Wars Movie This Decade
Yes, I'm a Star Wars Fan so I'm going to love any Star Wars Movie.
Back in 1977 I went to go see Star Wars - A New Hope and now 42 years later I've seen the final movie in the Skywalker saga.
And, I loved it! So there are a bunch of reviews hating on this new movie and I really think th…
$40,000 Raised For CMN THANK YOU 432!
Last week we did our 4th Annual CMN radiothon. This year we did it live from Medical Center Hospital and we were blessed.
We had an awesome 2 days of stories of hope and miracles. The staff who take care of all the kiddos at the hospital are angels...
B93 Jams For Kids Radiothon
We are broadcasting live for the next 2 days from Medical Center Hospital, YOUR Children's Miracle Network Hospital, asking you to donate what you can. You will be hearing stories of families who have children who were treated here locally or who have needed the equipment, the Giraffe Beds, the spec…
Black Violin To Perform At The Wagner Noel
Black Violin is coming to the Wagner Noel! ICYMI it this morning, we had Jenny from the Wagner in to tell us all about this exciting event coming up on Wednesday November 13th. Who are Black Violin? They are an American hip hop duo who hail from Florida and are classically trained on the violin and …
Dia De Los Muertos Day At Fiddlesticks Farms Tomorrow
Make plans to have some fun on the farm this Saturday, November 2nd as they will be celebrating and honoring our deceased loved ones with a Dia de los Muertos day. Last year was the first year for the Fiddlesticks folks to have a make-shift altar and have visitors to the farm bring items in honor of…
How Lazy Can We Be?
You have to check out one of my fabulous department store finds! A 'hands-free smartphone holder.' My daughter found this when we were out and about shopping the other day and straight up wanted me to buy it for her. lol As if she needs any more excuse to be on her tablet more. Smh.
B93's 21 Flyaway to Vegas
Yep, B93 is turning 21 and we want to send you to Vegas! Thanks to ALL AMERICAN DODGE OF MIDLAND!
There are 2 Ways to get registered!
1) Be caller 9 When Leo and Rebecca play the Slot Machine sound effects during the morning show from 6a-10 M-F...