What's going on?

Dillard’s In Midland Set To Break A Guiness World Record
How are excited are we all that Dillard's in the Midland Mall not only got a make over, they also got a new location and are currently open for business! You go Dillard's! So how about this Saturday May 18th, you help them break a Guiness World Record? Here is how anyone can help out...
Who Has Never Had 1 Of These?
I'm telling you right now I am shook. Over the Mother's Day weekend, my kids decided they wanted to make s'mores, to which this momma said, it's been awhile, I'm totally down! So we grab everything at the store....graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, we are all set.
I Did NOT Know This About Dog’s!
As a fairly new dog owner, I'm learning things that I never knew before. No one gave me the 'new dog owner' handbook and I'm saddened by this. SMH. During our recent bout with bad weather, aka spring, I've learned that pup's can indeed be afraid of the rain, lightning a…
Broncho Legacy The Greatest Show This Friday Night
This morning with Leo & Rebecca in the Morning we had a very talented group of students in our B93 studios. Broncho Legacy will be presenting music from The Greatest Show tomorrow night. This fabulous concert will take place at the Odessa High School Performing Arts Center.
Who Get's The Garage? Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question
Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my roommate have an issue going on. We lease a house with a garage. He has always used the GARAGE. Well, with the recent and frequent HAIL STORMS, I told my roommate it's only fair that I get to use it as well...
What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is this Sunday. Have you made plans? Kids? Hubby's? Who is really in charge of taking care of mom on Mother's Day? Will it be cooking out for mom, cleaning, getting her a fabulous gift? What does mom really want for Mother's Day?
Intersection Of 191 & 1788 Road Work
This scene is nothing new to West Texans these days. It's not unusual to drive around the 4-3-2 and see the orange cones or barrels. Road closed, construction ahead or what have you. Just know that at this point in time, this is what you will be dealing with if you travel near the B93 studios, …
Hooter Magruder Bass Tournament Info
The 5th Annual Hooter Magruder Big Bass Tournament is coming up soon! The tournament will be held on Saturday May 18th on Lake Amistad in Del Rio, TX. This big bass tourney pays $1,000 per hour and $10,000 to the winning team in the finals.
Aphasia Awareness Tribute Concert
Who's ready for some 'Blue Suede Shoes?' Tomorrow night the Aphasia Center of West Texas presents a show you do NOT want to miss! 3 tribute shows, 1 amazing night. Music from three famous legends, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis at the Midland County Horseshow Amphitheater.
My Day Is Not Going So Well How About Yours?
So how is your Tuesday going? Hopefully a lot better than mine! You see the picture I posted with this blog? That WAS my lunch. Lunch that I carefully weighed, measured and prepared lastnight to enjoy today. I'm on a diet and am only eating certain foods at the moment. Well as I was attempting …
Do You Recommend I Bother Watching The New Avengers Movie?
No surprise, Avengers: Endgame broke all kinds of records over the weekend making a whopping $350 million at the box office it's opening weekend. Leo watched it without me and loved it! My 12 year old die-hard, his room is wall-to-wall Avengers, he's seen every movie, watched it without me and loved…