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Food Truck Park Officially Opens In Midland
As I was traveling down Wall St. on Saturday afternoon, something caught my eye and I was curious to know what was going on? Had I not been headed to dinner already, I would have stopped as I noticed there were several food trucks parked in a (former Platinum Motors car lot) parking lot. Well I did …
Do You Gas Up Right Away Or Let Your Light Come On?
There are two kinds of people in this world. You can tell right away which one I am. lol Normally my man fills up my ride but I completely forgot to tell him this is my current sitch so as you can see, I will be hitting up the gas station on fumes.
Is This How You Spend Your Sunday?
How do you spend a Sunday afternoon? This is how it is in our house. With three boys in the house, there is no question about it. And you dang right it's going to be the 'Boys too! Sunday's were made for Cowboys football.
OHS Game Cancelled
Lastnight Permian High, Mojo football got underway, probably to the excitement of many excited to kick off 'Friday Night Football' in West Texas. Well tonight, Odessa High was scheduled to have their season opener against Lubbock Monterey. However, it was just announced that the game has b…

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