If you're wanting to send someone special an Oral Expression, here's how you can!

Call 1-877-209-0631 or click here.

We want to hear yours airing so here are some quick tips to better insure yours is heard.

1. Make sure your message sounds something like, "Hi, this is (name) from (city and state), and my Oral Expression is to (name). I want to tell him (message).”

2. These are NOT dedications, messages or shout-outs. If you say you want to give a shout-out, it's probably not going to air.

3. Make sure to say what city and state you're from.

4. Make sure he can hear you. Turn down the radio or background noise and don't whisper. R-Dub needs to be able to hear you.

5. Keep your Expression short. Reading a drawn out love letter is too long. And please don't use nicknames. We all know he or she is your poo-poo, pookie, baby-mama, etc.

6. You can re-record your Expression if you make a mistake so please don't keep calling back and leaving a bunch of them. If you do, none of them will get on the air.

7. Don't block your phone number. To make sure all the cities get their expressions, it helps for R-Dub to know where you're calling from.

8. Please don't tell us that your man is behind bars. Just tell him you love him.

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