Dillard’s In Midland Set To Break A Guiness World Record
How are excited are we all that Dillard's in the Midland Mall not only got a make over, they also got a new location and are currently open for business! You go Dillard's! So how about this Saturday May 18th, you help them break a Guiness World Record? Here is how anyone can help out...
Broncho Legacy The Greatest Show This Friday Night
This morning with Leo & Rebecca in the Morning we had a very talented group of students in our B93 studios. Broncho Legacy will be presenting music from The Greatest Show tomorrow night. This fabulous concert will take place at the Odessa High School Performing Arts Center.
Who Get's The Garage? Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question
Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my roommate have an issue going on. We lease a house with a garage. He has always used the GARAGE. Well, with the recent and frequent HAIL STORMS, I told my roommate it's only fair that I get to use it as well...

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