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My Friend Does THIS For Her Dog And I Cannot
I have to say I thought I had heard it all until I heard something over the weekend that my friend does for her dog. I get it. I am a dog owner and we love our pets but this one takes the cake. My friend explained to me that her little pooch suffers from 'anxiety.' Bummer. But what she has…
My Kids Got To See An Actual Payphone
So last week it was the cassette player, this week my kiddos got schooled with a PAYPHONE. I laughed pretty hard with their reaction to this one! After explaining to them a little about how it worked, my 12 year old said, 'omigosh how much did you have to PAY for 1 phone call?'
Would Your Kids Know What This Is?
So I found this fossil as I was going through some things in my childhood bedroom recently and thought, I wonder if my children even have a clue what it is? So I let each of them examine it and waited for their response...

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