Ashton Medical Lodge To Celebrate 2020 Graduates
Ashton Medical Lodge in Midland wants to celebrate the Class of 2020! If you are or happen to know a 2020 graduate, whether gradeschool, highschool or college, you can bring them to this event. There will be a drive-by parade on Thursday May 28th beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Ashton Medical Lodge, …
Meatless Taco Tuesday
Happy Taco Tuesday! I'm always down for some tacos, but today was a little different than the tacos my family loves. I opted for meatless tacos. A fave amongst my significant other and I, my kids just think they're weird. lol
Scoob Movie Review
The new Scooby Doo movie dropped last week and since some movies are heading straight to on demand or streaming services right now, we have been paying 20 bucks to watch. My kids were so excited to rent and watch Scoob, so we had a family movie night the other night. The verdict?
How I Feel About Having To Wear A Mask
Ok I have a newfound respect for our frontline workers. Since I have begun to venture out a little more lately, I've discovered many places are requiring that you wear a mask before entering their establishment. I've started to take masks with me everywhere I go. It's not fun, but I a…
I Found Some Cardi Rap Snacks
So does this look like Cardi B. and Migos to you? It's supposed to. lol Are either aware that their likeness and names are being used to sell chips, or better yet Rap Snacks? I saw these as I was checking out at the grocery store the other day...
Five Things To Know About Kids
Since being on lockdown 24/7 with my family, I'm reminded of certain things kids do. Not babies, not toddlers, children who are old enough to know better. If you are not yet a parent, maybe these are things you will be happy to know before you start a family of your own.
How To Get Peace And Quiet For 10 Minutes
You're probably wondering what the heck this is a picture of? This is a picture of me sitting in my car, in my driveway, for 10 minutes, to stay sane. Yep, this is what day of quarantine we are on! I didn't have to hear mom, mom, mom, mom or the dog follow me into the bathroom....
Why Can’t I Get My Favorite Meal At My Favorite Restaurant?
Ummm why didn't anyone warn me? I actually ventured out this week to one of my favorite places to eat in the Permian Basin, for my favorite meal and lo and behold, it was not available! I asked the waitress, 'are you for real? That dish is the only reason I came here.' Poor girl was probably like ye…
Try This To Make The Perfect Bacon
As I was making breakfast for my littles this morning, (mother of the year I know-lol) I realized something. I make bacon differently than most if not all peeps. I learned a little trick years ago from a family friend and I've been making bacon this way ever since.

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