Avoid These Routes In Odessa If Possible Due To Road Construction
Things that frustrate the crap out of me. Long lines at traffic lights when I don't expect it. That is how it went down this week. With all of the transplants here in the 432 in the last few years, I'm used to a little more traffic than usual, specifically on 42nd st. in Odessa and Andrews…
You Must Know This Number To Replace Your TX Driver’s License
When is the last time you had to replace your license? Unfortunately I had to recently and let me tell you it was no walk in the park. I went online to and thought it would be a couple of minutes tops and my new license would be on it's way to my house. Nope not the case and this is w…
Check Out This DIY Fall Decor Via TikTok [VIDEO]
I love fall! This is my absolute favorite time of year. The colors, the season, the cooler weather, the decor. I have so much many pumpkins, floral arrangements and fall decorations, you would think fall blew up in my casa.
This Is A Great Movie To Watch With Your Teen [VIDEO]
I love going to the movies. Anyone who knows me would know that if you ask about a movie that has just come out in theaters, more than likely I've seen it and can tell you all about it. I'm not even partial to a particular genre. I'm pretty much down for a rom-com, drama, comedy or mu…

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