B93 Jams For Kids Radiothon
We are broadcasting live for the next 2 days from Medical Center Hospital, YOUR Children's Miracle Network Hospital, asking you to donate what you can. You will be hearing stories of families who have children who were treated here locally or who have needed the equipment, the Giraffe Beds, the spec…
Black Violin To Perform At The Wagner Noel
Black Violin is coming to the Wagner Noel! ICYMI it this morning, we had Jenny from the Wagner in to tell us all about this exciting event coming up on Wednesday November 13th. Who are Black Violin? They are an American hip hop duo who hail from Florida and are classically trained on the violin and …
Dia De Los Muertos Day At Fiddlesticks Farms Tomorrow
Make plans to have some fun on the farm this Saturday, November 2nd as they will be celebrating and honoring our deceased loved ones with a Dia de los Muertos day. Last year was the first year for the Fiddlesticks folks to have a make-shift altar and have visitors to the farm bring items in honor of…
How Lazy Can We Be?
You have to check out one of my fabulous department store finds! A 'hands-free smartphone holder.' My daughter found this when we were out and about shopping the other day and straight up wanted me to buy it for her. lol As if she needs any more excuse to be on her tablet more. Smh.
I Wanna Be LIke Brizzown!
When I grow up, I want to be just like Chris Brizzown! Wait what? Did I just say that? That is the ONE and ONLY time I will ever say those words so don't flatter yourself Brown.
I Love This Time Of Year For 2 Reasons
Along with 'pumpkin spice season,' it is also THIS time of year! As soon as a tiny bit of cold hits, I don't know about you but I am ready for some caldo! Or menudo? Which one are you?
Catch Matt New Tonight On The Voice
Tonight is the night! Midland native Matt New will be back on The Voice to compete in the battle rounds. In case you have been under a rock, we have a local celebrity on this season of the popular tv show The Voice. Last week we got our first glimpse of his incredible talent, he got a 3 chair turn a…
Midlander Matt New Advances On The Voice
What a nice surprise to be watching The Voice lastnight and see someone from the 4-3-2! ICYMI Midlander Matt New was on lastnight's show and he knocked it out of the park with his performance of Post Malone's song Sunflower.....
The Allsups Burrito Shortage of 2019
First it was Popeye's with their spicy chicken sandwiches, the fact that they ran out. Now, we must discuss the great burrito shortage of 2019! Can someone explain to me what is going on? In my hometown, we have an Allsups. EVERYONE knows one of the greatest things to happen to this country is …

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