When is the last time you had to replace your license? Unfortunately I had to recently and let me tell you it was no walk in the park. I went online to texas.gov and thought it would be a couple of minutes tops and my new license would be on it's way to my house. Nope not the case and this is why.

Apparently when you go to the website and begin to fill in your info, you are asked for your basic information, but you are also asked for your audit number. I legit had no clue what this was or even how to find it! I know my driver's license number but never knew there was another number I needed to memorize.

FYI, when you need to renew or replace your license, you will be asked for your audit number and if you do not know it, according to the texas.gov website, 'further authentication will be required.' Plus, if you do not know it, you will be charged an additional fee. It may not be a bad idea to print a copy of your driver's license and keep it in a safe place.

Also your audit number can be found below the restrictions and height on your TX driver's license, it is the 20 digit number also known as the DD number.

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