Umm why did I run out and get a 'new license' last year? lol For real, I remember my better half telling me I did not have the right license and I needed to renew it to get the correct one but it needed to be done by October. I remember asking why? For travel apparently. Gotcha, enough said. 

Fortunately for me, my license actually expired last year, so it just so happened I needed to renew it anyway, so I got my paperwork in the mail and boom! Where we going on vacay? lol

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the deadline WAS October 1st of 2020 initially, however they have extended the date due to the pandemic. A REAL ID is what it is considered and a 'REAL ID-compliant license, identification card or acceptable ID is needed to board domestic flights, enter nuclear power plants, and access certain federal facilities.'

Basically, once the real ID begins to be enforced, Americans over the age of 18 will need it to go through security and board a plane. But luckily, you have more time to get said real ID. The Department of Homeland Security is giving everyone an additional 19 months, which means the new date of enforcement is May 3, 2023.

So this is why it was so important for me to get out and get a new, real license? By the way, the only difference that I can tell from my old one to my new one is the little, gold star on the top right hand corner of my license. I enclosed a photo. I'm real ID ready!
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