Sure, you can go to the movies, a restaurant, or bar.  Being original may not be your thing, and chance are no one will judge you.  In fact, some of these ideas may seem a little immature, but who is to say that youth shouldn’t play a role in dating? There was a time when being young and free and simply enjoying the company you were with was acceptable. No phones and actual conversation.  Here is a list of five activities that will allow you to be entertained by your date in romantic and fun settings that could then very possibly lead to another.

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Big Sky Theater (Midland)- For almost 90 years, drive in movies have been entertaining couples. They must be doing something right.  No one to tell you to “be quiet”. Catch a show from the past, or a new release, share a bucket of popcorn, and still be able to learn about your date.

Cheers to Paint (Odessa)- An evening of painting and drinking wine.  At first you may think this is a group of women gathering for a birthday or bridal party. But on a Friday/Saturday night, show her your creative side.  Sit in the back, enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy a conversation for the evening. Especially if you know this is something your date is into. Make sure to check the calendar though, since some nights are reserved for private parties.

Rim Rock Raceway (Odessa)-Go Karts aren’t just for kids.  In fact, you have to be at least 16 to drive these karts, that go 60 MPH.  A little competition never hurt anyone, right? Maybe after the race (or the best two out of three), enjoy a game of pool or watch some others compete. You can learn a lot about a person when they are in the heat of competition.

Picnic in a Park (Midland/Odessa)- Maybe you don’t want to be around a bunch of people. Or money is a bit tight but you still want to show someone they are special.  Plan a great meal for them, grab a great blanket and off to your favorite park. Midland or Odessa, both have some great parks.  Wadley Baron (Midland) and Memorial Garden (Odessa) would be my selection, but again, that is my preference, doesn’t have to be yours. To me, this is about timing. Sunset, music, and snacks.

Escape Room/Cinergy (Midland)-Good at solving puzzles, Finding clues? This is one way to see if you are able to work together. May be a great option to go out on a double date, if you don’t want to try this one on your own. Solve riddles and work your way out of the unique situation within an hour, to win at the game. Once out, there are other activities you can entertain yourself with at Cinergy (video games, the bar, movies) if you find yourself enjoying the company.

Adulting is not always fun. But it can be. A date doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s about the memories and laughs (and, if I am being honest, who won the race). I hope you find time to enjoy one or all of these activities sometime before the end of this year and make some memories of your own.

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