COVID-19 Cases Up In Midland And Ector Counties
I was watching the news yesterday and saw that here in the Permian, COVID cases are increasing. In Midland alone yesterday there were 26 new, confirmed cases. Ector County had 14 cases the day before. Pretty staggering numbers when you think about it.
Is This Store Going Out Of Business In The 4-3-2?
Ok can someone tell me if one of my very favorite stores to shop is closing? A little birdy told me she heard Ross stores across the nation were going out of business. I didn't believe her because hello Ross Dress for Less? The 2 here in the 4-3-2 are always PACKED! Surely the ones here locally…
Summer Mummers Has Been Postponed
If you are like me and make it a point every year to check out Summer Mummers with family, friends or coworkers, I'm sad to say it may not be happening this year. Summer Mummers has been an annual tradition for many decades here in the Permian yet it was announced yesterday that unfortunately d…
Midland TX Incident Featured On TMZ [VIDEO]
As I was scrolling through my daily what I call, 'gossip sites' for the latest celebrity gossip to tell you about on the radio, I came across a story with an interesting headline, so naturally I clicked it. Click bait works on me everytime. Smh. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a story on one o…
Ashton Medical Lodge To Celebrate 2020 Graduates
Ashton Medical Lodge in Midland wants to celebrate the Class of 2020! If you are or happen to know a 2020 graduate, whether gradeschool, highschool or college, you can bring them to this event. There will be a drive-by parade on Thursday May 28th beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Ashton Medical Lodge, …
MISD Announces Graduation Ceremony For 2020 Seniors
This year is definitely one for the books, especially for the 2020 graduates. Lots of questions had been unanswered as to whether or not graduation ceremonies were going to be held. MISD announced that they will hold 'in-person ceremonies' for graduating Seniors on Saturday, May 30th.
Another Reason To Love Raising Cane’s
You've probably heard Leo and Rebecca talk about one of our fave's Raising Cane's in the morning. We love the food of course but we also know what an amazing company they are to work for. Yesterday they proved that by announcing that they will....
A Salute To The Spirit Of West Texas Flyover Tomorrow
Have you heard about the flyover that will be taking place here in the 4-3-2 tomorrow? If not, I've got all the deets! Get ready for a Salute to the Spirit of West Texas on Wednesday May 13th from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. The flight will last approximately one hour.

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