Lamesa Man Arrested For Making Terroristic Threat
With the recent tragic events that took place last weekend, the basin is on high alert and with good reason. Yesterday, a post began circulating on social media that a 'shooter was on his way to Midland from Lamesa.' The authorities received several calls about the post and immediately spr…
Can We Please Get This Restaurant In This Area?
Ok so enough about which establishments are coming to the 4-3-2, let's talk about what we need to come to the area. Anytime we visit Lubbock, I'm telling you right now, this is one of our stops without a doubt! Chuy's!
What's It Gonna Be?
Time for this week's edition of 'what is it going to be?' If you have been down 191 lately, you may have seen 2 new buildings going up rather quickly I must say! Right next to Saltgrass, something is happening.
My Weekly What Is It Going To Be Blog
I seriously think I need to do a weekly blog titled, 'what the heck is it going to be?' It seems that as you drive around the 4-3-2 these days, there is construction on something new everywhere you turn. I stopped in to Saltgrass off of 191 to grab a bite the other day and noticed somethin…
I Cannot Get Used To This….
I don't know about you but I've pretty much gotten used to traffic in this area. We just know that there are going to be potholes all over the place and we must be careful not to go speeding through them, we know that there will be orange cones and road work signs randomly throughout the 4…
Raising Cane’s Is Coming!
Every now and then there are rumblings that we are getting something new in the 4-3-2 and everyone starts buzzing about is it real, are the rumors true? Well earlier in the week, we heard about a Raising Cane's coming to Midland and yesterday it was confirmed that those rumors are true.
Free Movie Day Begins Tomorrow At The Wagner Noel
The Wagner Noel in Midland has brought back free movie day! This Saturday, June 9th you do not want to miss out on some great classic movies. Bring the whole family out for Finding Nemo which begins at 12 pm, The Goonies at 2:30 pm and Rush Hour begins at 5:30 pm.
Texan Allergy Is Helping My Allergies
Check this out! You may have heard me talking on the radio about the allergy test I recently took. Texan Allergy in Midland is where I went and this is how it went down. The process was so easy and I now know exactly what I am allergic to. Cats! Severely. lol It's probably a good thing I'v…

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