Palio’s Pizza Cafe Is Soooo Good
Have you tried Palio's Pizza Cafe in Midland? We did yesterday and let me say they have some amazing pizza! I mean just check out the photos. Their specialty pizzas are so yummy and possibly my favorite is the buffalo pizza which has actual buffalo sauce drizzled with ranch all over.
Governor Abbott Announces Bars Can Reopen Next Week
Woohoo bars can reopen! Earlier this week, Governor Abbott announced that beginning Tuesday October 14th bars can reopen as long as they follow certain guidelines. Midland and Ector county bars can open next week with these restrictions:
Food Truck Park Officially Opens In Midland
As I was traveling down Wall St. on Saturday afternoon, something caught my eye and I was curious to know what was going on? Had I not been headed to dinner already, I would have stopped as I noticed there were several food trucks parked in a (former Platinum Motors car lot) parking lot. Well I did …
COVID-19 Cases Up In Midland And Ector Counties
I was watching the news yesterday and saw that here in the Permian, COVID cases are increasing. In Midland alone yesterday there were 26 new, confirmed cases. Ector County had 14 cases the day before. Pretty staggering numbers when you think about it.
Is This Store Going Out Of Business In The 4-3-2?
Ok can someone tell me if one of my very favorite stores to shop is closing? A little birdy told me she heard Ross stores across the nation were going out of business. I didn't believe her because hello Ross Dress for Less? The 2 here in the 4-3-2 are always PACKED! Surely the ones here locally…
Summer Mummers Has Been Postponed
If you are like me and make it a point every year to check out Summer Mummers with family, friends or coworkers, I'm sad to say it may not be happening this year. Summer Mummers has been an annual tradition for many decades here in the Permian yet it was announced yesterday that unfortunately d…

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