Raising Cane’s Is Coming!
Every now and then there are rumblings that we are getting something new in the 4-3-2 and everyone starts buzzing about is it real, are the rumors true? Well earlier in the week, we heard about a Raising Cane's coming to Midland and yesterday it was confirmed that those rumors are true.
Free Movie Day Begins Tomorrow At The Wagner Noel
The Wagner Noel in Midland has brought back free movie day! This Saturday, June 9th you do not want to miss out on some great classic movies. Bring the whole family out for Finding Nemo which begins at 12 pm, The Goonies at 2:30 pm and Rush Hour begins at 5:30 pm.
Texan Allergy Is Helping My Allergies
Check this out! You may have heard me talking on the radio about the allergy test I recently took. Texan Allergy in Midland is where I went and this is how it went down. The process was so easy and I now know exactly what I am allergic to. Cats! Severely. lol It's probably a good thing I'v…
Great Outdoors Expo This Weekend
Are you a fishing, hunting or camping enthusiast? If so, you're in luck because the Great Outdoors Expo is coming to Midland this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the Midland Horseshoe Pavilion. There will be over 100 exhibit booths where you can find hunting, fishing, camping gear and gadgets, e…
Do You Break The Law At This Intersection?
I've done it, you've done it, haven't we all done it? Okay yesterday I didn't, because you see the popo up ahead left hand side? I'm crazy, not that crazy! lol This intersection going into Midland, Andrews Hwy and the loop is crazy. What is a girl to do if she's trying …
2nd Annual WesTex Safety In Mind Bicycle Helmet Giveaway
WesTex 2nd Annual Safety in Mind event will be taking place on Saturday, June 1st.  Maybe your child does not have a safety helmet when riding their bike, skateboarding, skating or riding a Razor. Stop by the Texas Medical Association's Hard Hats for Little Heads helmet giveaway event. The…
Level 5 Weather Conditions Today-Find Out What That Means
The big thing we have been dealing with lately in the 4-3-2 is the weather. It could be a beautiful 80 degree sunny day one minute and the dark clouds roll in and its thundering, lightening and pouring down rain and HAIL the next! Much like we are expecting this afternoon as a matter of fact.
Home Hospice Butterfly Release Schedule 2019
The 2019 Butterfly Release and Family Celebration with Home Hospice kicks off this weekend. You, your family and friends are invited to honor your precious memories of loved ones. Tomorrow, April 27th the event will be in Midland from 2-4 p.m. at the Carrasco Room on the Midland College Campus. On S…

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