You know with Valentine's Day coming up this weekend, this Sunday to be exact. We could brag about the flowers you've received (my best to date is 6 dozen by the way)  the teddy bears, the jewelry, the romantic date night or the dinner bae prepared for you one year but instead let's talk Valentine's Day disasters.

Have you ever had one? I sure have. Let me start by saying I was in my 20's and just having fun, as we all did back in the day. No kids, single, living my best life and trying to decide which of two guys I was really interested in. (insert face palm here) One dude asked me out to dinner for Valentine's Day one year but I really wanted the other guy to ask. So I made up some excuse why I could not go out with the 1st guy. So guy #1 sends me beautiful flowers and candy since I would be going to visit my grandmother or whatever lame excuse I gave, as I'm waiting for guy #2. 

Finally guy #2 comes through ON VALENTINE'S DAY no less, last minute of course. I was thrilled! Shows up to pick me up, no flowers or candy, straight from work, smellin' hella bad, no shower and not really giving a crap about whether or not I had a nice evening. We ended up going to some lame restaurant, that I did not get to choose, sped through the 'date,' hardly any conversation and took me back home. That was it, date over, Valentine's Day ruined.

I was so embarrassed and felt so bad I couldn't even bring myself to call guy #1 and let him know that 'my plans had changed!' To this day that dude never knew I straight up lied to him about my plans and needless to say guy #2 was out of the picture after that night. Heck I don't even remember what his name was?  I'm not gonna lie I brought this Valentine's Day disaster upon myself! What is your Valentine's Day disaster story?

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