We all know that dating and the whole experience can sometimes be good but sometimes bad especially when having to deal with your exes. There is always that one ex that is the worst of the worst that you wish you could just throw into a dumpster where they belong. Well one zoo in Texas is actually giving people a way to get out their frustrations on past exes in a healthy way.

The San Antonio Zoo is allowing people to make a donation to the zoo in the amount of $5, $10, and $25. Those donations actually correlate to you being able to name a veggie, cockroach, or rodent after your ex which is then fed to an animal in the zoo in their honor, or maybe dishonor.

That's right you can feed your ex (symbolically) to an animal and you even have the option to notify that ex that they were fed to a creature. This may sound gruesome but many zoo's do this type of event near Valentines Day in a way to feed the animals and keep people engaged and for a good cause. This is all in good fun and part of the San Antonio zoo's Cry Me A Cockroach Fundraiser which is said to be a global phenomenon in raising funds to support wildlife in Texas and the world.

For those of you that have never experienced any type of event like this it is so entertaining to see the animals eat their favorite meals while in the name of that not-so-special someone. To donate to this very good cause just in time for the big day you just need to go to the San Antonio zoo website where you can also see their upgrade option. That personalized upgraded option is limited with a video is $150 and can be sent to ex partners, bosses, mother-in-laws, and your favorite co-workers.

For a look at what something like this might entail be sure to check out the video from the Snake Discovery team in Minnesota who also holds a similar event every year.

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