The Dallas Zoo Has Been On Edge Recently After Several Suspicious Events Caused Them To Increase Security Measures Around The Zoo.

The most recent incident involved the theft of two emperor tamarin monkeys, taken from the zoo on Monday (Jan. 30) after zoo officials reported the monkeys' enclosure had been cut open. But thankfully the monkeys were found but in terrible conditions.

A Tip Lead Police In Lancaster To An Abandoned Church.

According to WFAA, the monkeys were found around 4:50 p.m. Tuesday inside a closet at an abandoned building had been the subject of a previous investigation involving exotic animals being kept at the location.


According to the report, the monkeys were found inside a closet in a bedroom unharmed but surrounded by terrible conditions including animal feces, a room containing pigeons, a water jug containing dead fish and several domestic cats were also found inside the residence.

Detectives also seized electronics at the location and animal cruelty detectives investigated the living conditions for the animals kept there. Investigators spoke with relatives of a possible suspect but the investigation is still ongoing and no arrests have been made at the time of this article.

The Dallas Zoo said its crews responded and transported the monkeys back to the zoo.


The crazy incidents that have unfolded at The Dallas Zoo has put other zoos in the region on high alert. The Fort Worth Zoo has confirmed that it has increased patrols of its facilities both during the day and night along with 24/7 video surveillance, patrols will be checking perimeter fencing, back-of-house areas and habitat areas.


Canva/Dallas Zoo Twitter
Canva/Dallas Zoo Twitter

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