It was a weekend of firsts for me in the Metroplex. First donuts, then corn. Apparently I ate...ALOT! lol My dear Mr. Iglesias introduced me to an amazing little corn stand. Corn all day baby! Look how yummy this cup looks! The ingredients?
What's Your Favorite Venue?
There's basically an infinite amount of awesome places to go see your favorite musician of comedian but what's your favorite? Personally, I like big arenas and stadiums, but smaller venues are where it's at for me.
One of my absolute favorite places has got to be the Dallas House of Bl…
You Mad Bro?
This is my brother. He is mad at me. He can SUCK IT!
Lol he is a Broncos fan and he's been talking trash about Tony Romo for ages, which is hilarious given the developments of this last football season now that it's a very real possibility that Romo will be getting traded to his beloved tea…
My Take On The Justin Bieber Concert In Dallas
So I was able to go to the Justin Bieber concert in Dallas this past Sunday night as did many peeps from this area. Did you love the show? I know I did! It's funny how before I went several people gave me a hard time about having 'Bieber fever' but as soon as I returned they wanted to…

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