Midland TX Incident Featured On TMZ [VIDEO]
As I was scrolling through my daily what I call, 'gossip sites' for the latest celebrity gossip to tell you about on the radio, I came across a story with an interesting headline, so naturally I clicked it. Click bait works on me everytime. Smh. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a story on one o…
Was There A Shooting On 191 & 1788?
For those of you who called or text yesterday to make sure Leo and I were ok after the alleged gunshots here in our work neighborhood THANK YOU. If you did not, you're dead to me! I kid, I kid. lol Seriously though, we only found out about 'the possibility of an active shooter on 191 and 1…
UPDATE On The Undocumented Persons Arrested In Andrews
The message I received earlier this week from a good childhood friend was not a good one. She informed me that local police were searching for several 'undocumented persons' IN MY HOMETOWN of Andrews! When she said local I assumed somewhere in the 4-3-2, which is still disconcerting.
Watch Out Speeders! Odessa Police Are Cracking Down!
The city of Odessa has had enough of racing and reckless driving on city streets and they are about to start cracking down on drivers attempting to do so. Corporal Steve LeSueur says over 75 arrests have been made this year for reckless driving and racing.

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