Parents, when our kids aren't feeling well we do everything in our power to make them feel well. Pepto=tummy ache, children's Tylenol=headache, allergies=Benadryl and so on and so forth. I've always relied on my pediatrician for the most part to advise what to give my children over the years. However, I recently learned that if you are giving your children melatonin to help get to sleep at night, STOP!

Recently I was having a discussion with another mother and the subject of kids not being able to sleep came up. As in what do you do if that is ever the case? I suggested melatonin for children, to which the other mommy replied, 'no! it is not good for them at all.'

She went on to say that she had heard or seen on a talk show that doing so could stunt their growth. A few days later she sent me this:

I swear TikTok has the answer for everything. Just FYI moms and dads, if you thought TikTok was just a bunch of silliness and useless stuff, think again. You can find videos like this that may answer some of your most pressing questions.

It's no different than diagnosing yourself with WebMD. I don't know if this guy 100 knows what he's talking about but you can bet I won't be taking the chance. Have you been hearing this about melatonin lately or have you ever given it to your kids?

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