I love fall! This is my absolute favorite time of year. The colors, the season, the cooler weather, the decor. I have so much many pumpkins, floral arrangements and fall decorations, you would think fall blew up in my casa. 

No apologies here. So where do I turn for ideas? TikTok of course. You can find some of the best ideas, DIY decorations and cheap hacks on TikTok and I am here for it! Check out just one of the many ideas I have found:

I mean is this super simple and super cute or what? A fall centerpiece with items purchased at Dollar Tree. Have you been to a Dollar Tree lately? Or any dollar store for that matter.

You can find the silk flowers, the crates as you can see in the video, ribbon, the glue gun and glue to put it all together.

I am all about this type of stuff. Not only is it fun to try to make, it is so much cheaper than buying one already made at the store that will cost you 40-50 bucks.

Check out the TikTok video and see if it is something you think you can copy. Looks easy enough? Have you ever tried to make fall or Halloween decor yourself?

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