Why We Love The Fall Season
According to a new survey, people were asked what their favorite part of fall is? First of all, let me say fall is my very favorite season! The cooler temps, sweater weather of course, pumpkin everything, football, getting dark outside earlier, the leaves changing colors, so many things to love. So …
It’s That Time Of Year Again!
It's that time of year. This will be me for the rest of the year, nice and comfy with the seat warmer. This little button is everything to me during these chilly months that will turn coooold soon enough.
My Favorite Season Is Finally Here
Today is the official first day of fall. My.favorite.season.ever! Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Football, fall colors, the chill in the air, pumpkin spice lattes, light jacket cooler weather, I cannot. Just in case you don't believe me, check out my current nail situation. lol
Slippery When Wet-I Busted My Butt Yesterday
Question? When is the last time you fell? Like feet came out from under you, fell flat on your behind without warning or even flat on your face and didn't see it coming? For me that was yesterday. Long story short, I walked on to a tile floor with wet shoes and that's all she wrote.
Are We Headed back to school in the fall?
Let me start this post by saying I am not here to bash any school district first and foremost. I do not have the solution and I truly am praying for those who are trying to figure out the best course of action in having to make the tough decision as to whether or not school should resume as normal i…
Pumpkin Spice Or Nah?
Oooooo it is THAT time of year! Back-to-school, football, fall on the horizon and PUMPKIN SPICE baby! I have seen so many social media posts of peeps already getting their pumpkin spice fix. I believe I have asked the question before, are you a 'pumpkin spice person?'
Which Fall TV Shows Are You Watching?
Fall television is well underway and there are so many new shows on right now. This coach potato is giving a couple of new ones a shot. I watched the premiere of Manifest (NBC) last Monday and I am hooked! Seriously, I usually just need a couple of minutes into the show to know if I'm going to …
To Pumpkin Spice Or Not?
We are officially 5 days away from the first day of fall, my favorite season! I am totally pumpkin spice everything and am so ready for the change of seasons it's not even funny. But I know many who are NOT.
Why I Am So Ready For Fall!
Reason number 1,001 why summer is my least favorite season of all! What the heck is this big, ugly, green stick looking insect? Maybe it is a 'walking stick.' Honestly, don't know, don't care. I do not want this thing anywhere near me. lol

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