Things that frustrate the crap out of me. Long lines at traffic lights when I don't expect it. That is how it went down this week. With all of the transplants here in the 432 in the last few years, I'm used to a little more traffic than usual, specifically on 42nd st. in Odessa and Andrews Hwy. going into Midland. But this one I did not see coming...

as I was driving into Odessa the other day, I was cruising along 42nd st. minding my own business, right in front of the mall, when I suddenly realized I was at a standstill in a long line. I saw the orange barrels, obviously there was some road work being done, it's been that way for quite some time. But this particular day I realized that the traffic lights were not working.


Literally I was sitting in this line and each side was taking turns. 42nd and Tanglewood had become a 4 way stop sign. Are you kidding me? I probably waited 10 minutes in this line. Ugggh, no one warned me! I could have taken an alternate route.


Same day, different route. Loop 338 and Yukon, similar situation. Not exactly a 4-way stop but a makeshift traffic light and consider yourself warned, it gets pretty backed up in this area. There is some serious work being done in Midland/Odessa and I for one!

Most of the work being done is on my regular route to and from work. Where else should we avoid, if possible in the 432?

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