FML At This Intersection!
Can we file this under 'intersections that suck' in the 4-3-2? How many times are you leaving some place and without even thinking or realizing it, turn into traffic like this? It happened to me just the other day right here off the loop and Wadley in Midland. I'm like are you &am…
Heads Up Construction In Midland
Heads up if you are headed to Midland Sam's anytime soon! There is some serious ish going down in the parking lot. I took a major detour and went completely out of my way to get to my destination. Don't be a Rebecca. lol Just helping out anyone who may bank, shop or gas up in that area.
What Are They Doing Now?
Have you ever noticed that there are certain spots in the 4-3-2 that are always under construction? Earlier this week I just happened to be in the vicinity of University and Grandview and I thought to myself OMG again? This particular road is always under construction!
Wonder How The New Stripes Is Coming Along?
In case anyone is wondering how the new Stripes off of 1788 is coming along, here are a couple of pics of the progress they are making. It is going to be a nice, big Stripes but I'm telling you right now for us employees here at the B93 studios it is a pain for now! The little road out in front…
road construction
The road I take for my daily commute is messed up all to hell at the moment so I felt the need to put the word out. Beware 1788 northbound to 158! OMG, it sucks right now and that is the road I take every single day!