Summer Mummers Is Taking Place This Year….From Your TV!
If you are a fan of the ever so popular Summer Mummers, you will be happy to know that it will be returning this a different way thanks to the pandemic. Instead of throwing popcorn inside the Yucca Theater, you can do it with your family at home. That's right, this year you can watch …
Where Is The Life Hack For This?
So several coworkers and myself were in the breakroom this morning and someone opened up the work fridge. When I saw this 2 liter, I immediately asked, 'does anyone know how to keep 2 liter sodas fresh?' No one did!
Donate Plasma-Earn Cash:Here’s How
Listen up! You may qualify to donate plasma to corona virus patients if you meet plasma donation requirements. Find out tomorrow when we are out and about live at KED Plasma in Odessa. We will be hangin out live from 1-3 pm at 1363 W University.
My Vacation Suggestion That Is A Short Drive Away
Many of us are in serious need of a vacation. Like an actual vacation. NOT a staycation. A couple of weekends ago, my significant other and I had a mini-getaway to a place not too far away and yet it seemed like we were in another world in Marfa, TX. We stayed at a beautiful hotel with a fabulous po…
I Miss Dine-In At Some Of My Favorite Places
Things I am over. Not being able to dine-in some places. How about some of our favorite restaurants are only available to-go, curb side and dining rooms are not currently open. This makes it a little inconvenient especially at lunch when you have a very limited amount of time to go grab a bite to ea…
Actor Donates Supplies To Local Hospital
Actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila have been making donations at hospitals across the state of Texas. We've been hearing the stories since the COVID-19 pandemic began that they have been donating masks, sanitizer and face shields...
Sydney The Intern Has A Nosebleed
As heard on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, our girl Sydney the intern walked in with a nose bleed first thing this morning and we talked about it on air. Turns out, she gets them all.the.time. She, Leo and Chris Brizzown have this in common.
United For The Win Again!
United for the win again! I cannot get enough of their ready meals. So convenient, so easy to follow directions as far as heating and eating and such variety. I went to a different United Supermarket location the other day and they had different options...
It’s National Junk Food Day-What Is Your Go-To?
Today is National Junk Food Day and as you can see, these are a few of my favorites. I believe there are a few different scenarios as far as junk food goes. If I'm Netflix and chillin' I'm doing popcorn and pickle. Road trip? Candy bar, fave bag of chips and a soda.

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