The Small Town Of Iraan, TX Is Currently Shut Down-Find Out Why
So it is typically a good thing when a small town in Texas gets nationwide attention. Maybe some Friday Night Football accolades, or in recent weeks, a couple of 'small town' athletes make it to the Olympics. But unfortunately, the small Texas town of Iraan is getting some national recognition for a very different and not so good reason...
The Mask Debate-Should Kids Be Required To Start Wearing Them In School Again?
I remember this time last year my kids starting school and being concerned about having to wear masks at school. I tried to help ease that anxiety a bit by finding them cool masks to wear but everyday after school, I would hear about it. I'm tired of wearing my mask mom. Or they couldn't wait to jump in the car when mom picked them up and rip it off!
FDA To Make Decision On Whether To Allow Adolescents To Receive The COVID Vaccine
This caught my attention real quick as the mother of a 14 year old. Apparently, Pfizer is waiting on the 'go-ahead' to begin vaccinating kids. Let me start by saying, I did choose to get the vaccine. For my safety and that of my children, I have now had both of my shots and I've got my little COVID vaccine card put away. (if you did wonderful if you chose not to that's great too)
Headed To A Texas Rangers Game This Season? Here’s What You Need To Do..
As a family of baseball fanatics, (like many here in West Texas are) we knew once the MLB season kicked off, we would be eager to head to the baseball field to watch a game, so we immediately got online to buy tickets for the earliest home game that we could. Therefore, these Texas Rangers baseball fans will be headed to the new Globe Life Field soon. We have not yet been to watch a game in the ne
Local Business Asks That You Continue To Wear A Mask
Wow this is a first. I saw this sign at a business I visited this week. I stopped to read it because you just don't know these days which establishments are still requiring masks. Can I just say mad respect for this place? You talk about a place that cares about their employees. Their safety, well being, HEALTH more importantly!
Drive-Thru COVID Vaccine Clinic To Be Held This Week
COVID vaccines have been rolling out for quite some time now and many people took full advantage of getting their first shot. Some will even be getting the 2nd one soon. In case you have not had the chance yet for either, just know that Medical Center Health System has received a new shipment of Pfizer vaccines and is ready to go with more.
Do You Plan To Get The COVID Vaccine?
So apparently vaccines rolled out by the thousands this week here in the 432. I actually wrote a story last week about how all this week those in Phase1A and Phase 1B were going to be able to receive the COVID vaccine. Here we are end of the week and I've been keeping track of Medical Center Hospital's Facebook page and they have been doing an incredible job getting everyone taken care of! Read Mo
Pfizer COVID Vaccines Are Here And Ready For Anyone In The Permian Basin
Ever since many of us heard that a COVID vaccine would be rolling out, we have all waited patiently to find out when it would be available to the public. Well I saw today on the internet, that this weekend Medical Center Hospital will be having a mass vaccination drive-thru clinic. The Pfizer vaccines are here and ready for those in the community who fall under Phase 1A and Phase 1B of those eligi
How Will You Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?
We are 15 days away from Thanksgiving! Seriously, normally we would all be super excited for turkey day, the food, the family, the football but this year with the pandemic, things may be looking a little different for some people. Many people have barely left their homes for things like groceries and necessities, much less are they worried about the upcoming holiday.

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