What is the COVID policy in your workplace? Have you asked? Has anyone informed you? I think there is a little bit of grey area when it comes to testing positive or being exposed and having to quarantine. I have asked several different friends if they are clear on exactly how things work as far as having to use sick days and when they are officially allowed to go back?

Everyone I have asked has told me something different, therefore it is safe to assume that as of now, it is up to your employer but these are a few different 'strategies' that I have learned of late:

  • one friend stated that according to HR at her workplace, her employer pays two weeks COVID pay-if she herself tests positive
  • another dear friend is a schoolteacher (in another city) and when her school-aged daughter recently tested positive, she had to use her sick days (she only has 10) to care for her baby girl (my friend was never positive)
  • for another friend who is a teacher in the 432, the same rules apply
  • and yet another person that I asked says that either you can use your sick days or just take the time off but without pay

Can I say how crappy all but the first workplaces are? In my unprofessional but as a mother of a child who had covid opinion, it is not easy. (insert clapping hands after each word) It was extremely difficult to keep the rest of my family healthy, to keep my children apart, to keep the person who did test positive away from other members of the household and yet still keep that person as comfortable as possible.

Clearly this virus is not a choice. Clearly we are all doing the very best we can to stay healthy and not get it. It frustrates me that aside from all of that, we have the added stress of worrying about work and days and pay too? Thoughts? What are the covid protocols in your workplace? If you don't know, now may be the time to ask.

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