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COVID Vaccines To Be Administered During Texas Tech Baseball Game
Almost 20% of people in Texas have been vaccinated with the number rising daily. Hospitals throughout the 4-3-2 have done an excellent job getting those who wish to be vaccinated their shots in recent weeks. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson all have a vaccine for COVID-19. If you, your fami…
Would You Get The COVID Vaccine If It Meant You Could Travel Again?
I would be lying if I said the fact that I got both COVID vaccines had nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to be able to travel quicker. In fact, as soon as I saw an article recently that mentioned something about needing to be vaccinated to get on a cruise ship, that helped make up my mind. I…
A Service Of Remembrance And Hope To Be Held At Memorial Gardens Park
The events of the past year have been rough to say the least. Finding out that such a thing as Corona Virus existed, then life as we knew it being turned upside down and  learning the true meaning of the word 'pandemic.' Having to stay home, having to wear masks, dealing with food, water and basic t…
COVID-19 Vaccine Locations In Odessa
Now that all adults are eligible to receive the COVID vaccine, anyone in the community is able to drive down the road and get one. If you are interested in getting the vaccine, our friends with Medical Center Health System are helping get the word out on locations.
City Of Odessa Fall COVID Testing
The City of Odessa is resuming mobile COVID testing this week, starting on Wednesday the 16th. If you feel you or someone you know needs to be tested, this is your friendly reminder to do so to help slow the spread of the virus here in the Permian.
These Have Taken Over My Ride
Wow. This is life now. Instead of to-go drinks, fast food napkins, a stray fry here and there, my car has now been taken over by MASKS. I remember when peeps would have cute, fuzzy dice hanging from their rear view mirrors. Now you see masks everywhere. These are definitely 'rona times' an…

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