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A Houston-area woman is facing serious charges from an incident that occurred on an airline in June, and yes this is yet another case that allegedly because of the mask mandate that has been in effect for air travel for much of the year.

On June 29, Debby Dutton of Cypress, Texas was on board a United Airlines flight from Alaska to San Francisco. During the flight, a flight attendant was picking up trash and noticed that Dutton's husband wasn't wearing a mask. His mask had fallen off while he was sleeping and the flight attendant tapped the husband on the shoulder to wake him so he would put his mask on. He complied.

So no big deal right?

This is where Debby, the wife, allegedly comes into the picture. Authorities say Dutton got up from her seat and shouted at the flight attendant that she shouldn't have touched her husband. The flight attendant attempted to clarify what happened, but authorities say the flight attendant was shouted down. According to USA Today, that's when things got physical.

Dutton then allegedly pushed the flight attendant multiple times as the flight attendant asked her to stop, only to do so when her husband asked her to return to her seat, according to the criminal complaint.

The flight attendant, who said the altercation left them with bruising on their right bicep, reported what happened to the captain and "was caught off guard and felt threatened and afraid." The flight attendant described the incident as painful and sought medical attention once the flight landed, prosecutors said.

Dutton has been charged with one count of interference of a flight crew or attendants by assault, threat, or intimidation. That carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison plus a fine.

2021 has certainly been a crazy year for fights on planes, and I don't really get it. Everyone has known the rules. Even if you disagree or think the rules are stupid, you know what the rules are before you get on a plane. Getting upset and fighting people, who don't make the rules, is only going to end badly for you. Want to go on a trip and not wear a mask? Don't fly.

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