So it is typically a good thing when a small town in Texas gets nationwide attention. Maybe some Friday Night Football accolades, or in recent weeks, a couple of 'small town' athletes make it to the Olympics. But unfortunately, the small Texas town of Iraan is getting some national recognition for a very different and not so good reason...

COVID. Covid-19 has hit this small town, population just over 1,000 in a big way. So much so, that according to, 

'so many people in this Texas town got Covid-19 that the school district shut down and then the city essentially closed.'

There has been a huge outbreak of Covid in this small town, school was back in full swing as of last week but after just 1 week since classes began, many students and teachers tested positive for the virus, or were exposed and the school district was forced to shut down. Many families are taking shelter and currently in quarantine in their homes, with their immediate family.

The school closing as of now is only expected to last through Monday, August 30th, but closer to the date, the situation will be re-evaluated to determine the next course of action and for now there is no remote learning taking place.

According to CNN's website,

'The beloved football season is postponed, homecoming hangs in the balance, and city council members decided to close the city building to residents.'

Iraan, TX is a city about an hour and a half south of Midland/Odessa.

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