This caught my attention real quick as the mother of a 14 year old. Apparently, Pfizer is waiting on the 'go-ahead' to begin vaccinating kids. Let me start by saying, I did choose to get the vaccine. For my safety and that of my children, I have now had both of my shots and I've got my little COVID vaccine card put away. (if you did wonderful if you chose not to that's great too)

I knew that those under the age of 16 were not able to get the vaccine at the time I got mine but now that I'm hearing that Pfizer is 'waiting on the FDA emergency use approval to expand requirements, to allow kids 12 to 15 years old to get the vaccine,' it is definitely something to think about.

Now according to Newswest9, 'Midland and Odessa hospitals are getting prepared for Pfizer to approve the vaccine for children.' Just as with regular vaccine requirements for children now, consent would have to be given by us the parents.

However, hospital leaders believe that many parents would be on board with getting their teens and preteens vaccinated for various reasons. Family vacations in the summer, before school begins again in the fall, any camps, church, school, sports related that parents may be planning to send their kids to this summer.

As a mother who has already received both doses of the vaccine, I cannot say I would be against having my teen vaccinated. I still have a few more weeks it seems to make the decision. The FDA is not expected to make the declaration for at least another three weeks.
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