Guess Who Is Team No Sleep Again Today?
Ok for real, this is getting out of hand. Here we are another fabulous Monday morning and I am surviving on hardly any sleep. Why me? For anyone considering having kids, reconsider quick! I kid, I kid. But just know this is your future....not getting much sleep some nights. It doesn't end when …
Find Out Why I Am Riding The Struggle Bus This Morning
This momma is 100% riding the struggle bus this fine Friday morning! I got very little sleep lastnight, therefore coffee will be my bestie today. Other momma's and daddy's will totally understand why. Think of all the times you have put your little ones to bed and the excuses start pouring…
If You Get Carsick Like Me-This Stuff Works
I had no clue 'adult carsickness' was a thing. As a kid, from about age 5, I stayed sick anytime we would leave town, I stay nauseated. (that always meant riding shotgun) I thought at some point I would grow out of getting carsick but I have not. Well now, unfortunately, my kids are just l…
Team No Sleep-I Was Up With My Kid And My Dog Lastnight
As a first time adult pet owner (I had dogs as a kid), I am still learning things about having a dog that just blow my mind. In case you have never heard anyone say, 'having a dog is much like having child' you're hearing it from me now because it's true! I was up at 3 a.m. giving my little one medi…
What Are Your Kids Bedtimes?
Ok as a parent I need some input from others. Kids. Bedtimes. Ughhh. It does not matter the age of your kids, they always want to stay up 'for just a few more minutes.' I've got a grade schooler and a teen who is in junior high. Obviously they have different bedtimes.
Five Things To Know About Kids
Since being on lockdown 24/7 with my family, I'm reminded of certain things kids do. Not babies, not toddlers, children who are old enough to know better. If you are not yet a parent, maybe these are things you will be happy to know before you start a family of your own.
How To Get Peace And Quiet For 10 Minutes
You're probably wondering what the heck this is a picture of? This is a picture of me sitting in my car, in my driveway, for 10 minutes, to stay sane. Yep, this is what day of quarantine we are on! I didn't have to hear mom, mom, mom, mom or the dog follow me into the bathroom....
Quarantine Cooking
How is YOUR quarantine cooking going? I have to say 8 weeks ago I was gung-ho really getting after it with my cooking skills, my kids were loving it. Now....not so much.

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