How Much Do You Pay?
Now that the kids are home for summer for the next couple of months, the struggle is real. Mom and dad are at work but need a sitter. Here's my question, since it's been a minute that I needed a babysitter for the summer and I'm pretty sure things have changed since I babysat back in …
I Love Seeing This Scene In A Dr’s Office
File this in the 'hell yeah' category for me! Stepped into a Dr's office recently and saw this beautiful scene. As a mom, I have to say offices with a little 'play area' like this for kids saved me countless times.
Bring Your Kid To Work Day…Kinda
School is OUT for summer! That's right, it's official, because my kid is here at work with me. lol Some parents feel me. There are some days where it just can't be helped and here ya are coming up with ways to entertain. For today, she gets an IPad, some headphones and every kid-frien…
My Sleepless Night
Life with little ones. If you are a parent you've had plenty of mornings where you wake up feeling like you got hit by a bus! That is me this morning. I had a little 5 year old wake me up in the middle of the night claiming she had a nightmare. No problem, mom to the rescue. I laid down with her for…
A Word Of Advice If Your Kid Wants A Pet….
So I've recently become a dog owner. After many years of saying no to my kiddos who have wanted one forever, we have a doggy. I love dogs, had them when I was little and have nothing against them but my reason for saying no to a dog for as long as I can remember, is VALID!
Odessa College Summer Camp Schedule And Registration
Are you tired of hearing 'I'm bored and there's nothing to do' yet? Or do your kids stay indoors and play Fortnite all day and you're ready for them to get some fresh air? Well registration is underway for Odessa College Summer Camps! There's basketball and Camp Runamuc…

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