What Have You Accomplished In Quarantine?
Okay so beginning of quarantine we were all doing really well learning new hobbies, trying new things, cooking, baking, cleaning like crazy. I mean with things locked down here and there, open back up, close down, we thought 'well we're staying home may as well make ourselves useful and do things ar…
Five Things To Know About Kids
Since being on lockdown 24/7 with my family, I'm reminded of certain things kids do. Not babies, not toddlers, children who are old enough to know better. If you are not yet a parent, maybe these are things you will be happy to know before you start a family of your own.
Quarantine Cooking
How is YOUR quarantine cooking going? I have to say 8 weeks ago I was gung-ho really getting after it with my cooking skills, my kids were loving it. Now....not so much.
This Trend Is Back For Lounging During Quarantine
I read somewhere the other day that there is a lounging 'trend' during quarantine. Apparently something that was popular back in the day is back and I could not be happier. Tie dye loungewear is what we are all social distancing in! Who doesn't have a couple of tie-dye shirts, shorts,…
Five Things I Do Every Day At Home
As we continue with social distancing, staying home, working from home we are more than likely into a regular routine. I know in our household there are certain things we do every.single.day and by 'we' I mean I because a mother's work is never done.
I Cannot Get Enough Of This During Quarantine
Things I'm surviving on during quarantine. This right here gives me life! I LOVE fruit. My 6 year old and I both do. Is there such a thing as a 'fruitatarian' because that would be us. lol Now that the temps have been so hot, it's not unusual for my daughter and I to load up on a…
I Was A Hugger…I Guess Not Anymore
I'm a hugger. With family, friends, some acquaintances. So what am I supposed to do once we all get out and about again? I saw someone I went to school with at the store the other day, I didn't hug her when normally I would have. In fact it was kind of awkward.
Here’s How Often I’m Eating Out Right Now
Since we all went crazy loading up on groceries and necessities when this all began, I've done a ton of cooking. Mostly lunch and dinner and the occasional pancake, eggs and bacon breakfast but I do have to get my fix every now and then. My favorite shredded chicken salad with Catalina dressing…

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