RIP to this Long John Silver's location. This particular location on 8th street holds special memories for me. I don't hit up this area often, so it is safe to say this particular location could have shut down a year or two ago and I had no clue but as a kid, my parents and I hit up the 8th street LJS often. Maybe you did the same, remember when....?

Remember when what is now Strike it Rich Bingo was once just Strike It Rich?

Check out this commercial from the early 80's when is exactly when I would go with my parents. Many weekends, if I'm guessing correctly after a payday, my parents would drag me to Odessa and we would pay a visit to good ol' Strike it Rich. My dad would buy himself a new pair of jeans, a belt, maybe splurge on some boots then we would head over to LJS to eat.

Who remembers before it was Strike it Rich Bingo, that there was Strike it Rich on 8th street in Odessa, where Taco Villa is now located. The entire lot Taco Villa all the way to the Strike it Rich bingo behind it was the Strike it Rich we would go to in the mid 80's.

Wow. Feeling nostalgic much? Then I would get a treat and hit up my favorite for fish at the time, Long John Silver's. Extra hushpuppies for me please! Who else has fond memories of both of these?

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