So for the past few weeks I have been hearing all about the possibility of high-level nuclear waste disposal coming to my hometown. It was the buzz around town. Then I started receiving text messages like the one you see in the photo. There were plenty of concerned citizens who had opinions on the matter. As is their absolute right. Well that was some time ago and from what I understand, a decision has been made...

the citizens of our small but great West Texas city of Andrews have decided it's a hard no. High-level waste, according to unanimous vote, is not welcome or wanted in our small town by way of Waste Control Specialists.

However, according to Newswest 9,

 there is no guarantee that today's vote will block the license needed to store high-level nuclear waste in Andrews. There's only so much the county can do.

Apparently, though the county voted no and are strongly opposed to the idea, Andrews County Judge Charlie Falcon says that, ' There’s no guarantees, and that’s what I tried to state during the meeting. The fact is that if we pass a resolution in opposition, this process can continue and that is strictly out of our hands. It goes to the federal government’s.'

Apparently the license that is needed to store the high-level nuclear waste may not be blocked just yet. Andrews County can only do so much and the rest is potentially in the hands of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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