Local Business Asks That You Continue To Wear A Mask
Wow this is a first. I saw this sign at a business I visited this week. I stopped to read it because you just don't know these days which establishments are still requiring masks. Can I just say mad respect for this place? You talk about a place that cares about their employees. Their safety, well being, HEALTH more importantly!
Texas Can Now Reopen At 100%
Yesterday, Governor Abbott made the announcement that so many Texans have been waiting for for an entire year! No more masks. Restaurants can open at 100% capacity again. It is hard to believe that it has literally been a year since we all took a week off for Spring Break, and many of us did not go back to work and our kids had to stay home from school because COVID hit.
Which Mask Are You Wearing?
I have not purchased one mask since we started having to wear them. I don't even have any homemade ones. I have the disposable blue ones that come from family healthcare workers and that is what my children and I wear.
Well Now I Know Why Maske Is A Thing
Ok this right here is one of the many reasons I am OVER wearing my mask! Gross. Ladies know the struggle. We can't help it, many of us wear make-up and at the end of the day this is what the mask looks like. You can tell what shade of lipstick I wear, my foundation is all over it, ewww.
Mask Sharing-Should You?
Wow. Here is some food for thought: my family doesn't get out much except for a grocery run every now and then, to pick up food, etc... the same as many of you. We have our masks on hand just like everyone else. I mentioned to a friend of mine the other day, that we just 'grab a mask and go' without really paying attention to who gets what.
Would You Wear A Mask In Public If It Were Required?
I've heard that some cities in our great state of Texas are making it a requirement to wear masks or face coverings while in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Despite Governor Abbott allowing businesses to slowly open back up, I do not believe that wearing a mask is a state mandate but who knows if that could change in the future?