Texas Can Now Reopen At 100%
Yesterday, Governor Abbott made the announcement that so many Texans have been waiting for for an entire year! No more masks. Restaurants can open at 100% capacity again. It is hard to believe that it has literally been a year since we all took a week off for Spring Break, and many of us did not go …
Which Mask Are You Wearing?
I have not purchased one mask since we started having to wear them. I don't even have any homemade ones. I have the disposable blue ones that come from family healthcare workers and that is what my children and I wear.
Well Now I Know Why Maske Is A Thing
Ok this right here is one of the many reasons I am OVER wearing my mask! Gross. Ladies know the struggle. We can't help it, many of us wear make-up and at the end of the day this is what the mask looks like. You can tell what shade of lipstick I wear, my foundation is all over it, ewww.
Mask Sharing-Should You?
Wow. Here is some food for thought: my family doesn't get out much except for a grocery run every now and then, to pick up food, etc... the same as many of you. We have our masks on hand just like everyone else. I mentioned to a friend of mine the other day, that we just 'grab a mask and g…
Would You Wear A Mask In Public If It Were Required?
I've heard that some cities in our great state of Texas are making it a requirement to wear masks or face coverings while in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Despite Governor Abbott allowing businesses to slowly open back up, I do not believe that wearing a mask is a state mandate bu…