Well, it looks like this Friday stores, restaurants, malls and movie theaters are gong to open up again to a certain degree. Eventually , I'm sure everything will open up. The question is, are your going to wear a mask out for the next weeks and months to come.

I recently wore a MASK for the 1st time out and honestly it actually made me feel a little safer. NOW, whether it is or not doesn't matter to me. Am I afraid or not afraid?...NOT REALLY EITHER. Sometimes it just seems the thing to do and honestly wearing a mask isn't going to hurt anyone so why not? It might make the person working at the store feel better. It might make the other customers walking around feel better. And yes, it might make you feel better.

Wanna wear a mask? Go ahead.
Don't wanna? Then don't

Let's be good to one another and stay safe!

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