Yesterday, Governor Abbott made the announcement that so many Texans have been waiting for for an entire year! No more masks. Restaurants can open at 100% capacity again. It is hard to believe that it has literally been a year since we all took a week off for Spring Break, and many of us did not go back to work and our kids had to stay home from school because COVID hit. 

One full year that life changed for literally everyone around the world. If you would have told me at this time last year that I would have to start wearing a mask everywhere I went, that my favorite restaurant would close their dine-in and I would be forced to take their food to-go or that I would be ordering my groceries online and park in front of the store to wait for someone to deliver them to my vehicle, I would have said, 'you're crazy, that's never going to happen!' 

Well it did. And now a year later, it is over. Or at least it seems that way with what Governor Abbott had to say. He dropped the mask mandate, everywhere, all establishments and opened Texas 100%. Businesses, restaurants, gyms, salons and any other places that have been closed since last year may now reopen. Concerts may also resume. 

I'm not going to lie, speaking as a true germaphobe, the masks have never bothered me. I did not mind wearing them. I even enjoyed life with a newfound anonymity. If I didn't feel like being sociable, I could hide under my mask. Also the peace of mind it gave me, for the safety of myself and my children more importantly, it helped prevent the spread in my opinion. I may even continue to wear it. We shall see? What are your thoughts on the Governor's announcement yesterday?

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