So apparently vaccines rolled out by the thousands this week here in the 432. I actually wrote a story last week about how all this week those in Phase1A and Phase 1B were going to be able to receive the COVID vaccine. Here we are end of the week and I've been keeping track of Medical Center Hospital's Facebook page and they have been doing an incredible job getting everyone taken care of!

Props, congrats to the fabulous staff at MCH, they have really done a great job implementing the entire mass vaccination clinic. So this week I have actually spoken to several people who got the vaccine and asked what they thought? Was it worth it? Are you glad you got it? Popular consensus says absolutely! Pretty much every single person that I have spoken to that has received the COVID vaccine, (some even both doses already) are saying it gives them peace of mind and for the most part they're super glad that the vaccine came here to the Permian Basin and they were able to get it already.

The first dose they say was just fine, typically no problems but the second dose there were a couple more side effects. Some soreness, nausea and vomiting, some fever, some bodyaches, comparable to the flu but once they subside all is well. What are your thoughts? Do you plan to get the COVID vaccine?
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