I am a TikTok addict. I said I never would be but I have kids and a man who constantly show we funny videos, great recipes and vacation hot spots. You got me with the last one! So now it is not unusual to find me scrolling through over and over and over. I even follow a few of my favorites. 

I often keep an eye on TikTok's that recommend places to visit in Texas or beaches that are a must see. So the other day I came across this guy's TikTok and it caught my eye because it is 'places in Texas.' But this time it is not places that you must visit. It is quite the opposite...

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OMG! Did he just say 'Midland at night is like a Michael Jackson Thriller video?' And did he have to throw in that our hobbies include 'growing cactus?' I can't! lol I felt this and I also had to laugh. 'Nothing but flatland and long stretches of highway....'

While the man is not wrong, Midland Odessa just got called out on TikTok! Clearly this man has never tried Mexican food in the Permian Basin and I recommend him hitting up a Friday Night Football game because it would not disappoint.

We made it on TikTok peeps! Not exactly what we would like to be known for but our little cities getting a shout out did get over 600,000 views. This video cracked me up. What do you think Midland/Odessa should be known for?

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