Unpopular opinion post here. I do not know why when I go to a restaurant and order menudo, someone has an opinion about the way I eat it. Can't a girl live? Even Leo has weighed in on my odd choice of what all I put in it and what I eat menudo with. 

Let me just start by saying my food preferences are as random as my moods. Up and down and all over the place. lol And my menudo is no different. I do not like the 'pansa,' only the hominy, so if you are ever with me at a restaurant, be prepared for me to ask the waiter for a lot of hominy, no pansa.

Also, my man says I ruin it by squeezing a few lemons. lol Geez there are some judgy Karen's in my circle! However there is still a bigger debate. What you eat your menudo with?

Of course I have to be different. I eat menudo with crackers. Yep I'm not ashamed! The first time Leo saw me do this is the first time he food-shamed me. He's from El Paso where you eat menudo with bread. Pan de bolillo. I wasn't raised that way. It was always either crackers or flour tortillas in my house.

Tbh, I never even knew of the bread thing until Leo. lol It took me a very long time to learn that was an option, now if they offer it, I'm eating it! What do you eat your menudo with? Crackers, pan or tortillas?

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