My Weekly What Is It Going To Be Blog
I seriously think I need to do a weekly blog titled, 'what the heck is it going to be?' It seems that as you drive around the 4-3-2 these days, there is construction on something new everywhere you turn. I stopped in to Saltgrass off of 191 to grab a bite the other day and noticed somethin…
Yes Please! Can We Get A Torchy's?
OMG when I saw this story, I immediately thought, 'yesssss make it happen!' Torchy's Tacos is one of my fave places ever. I'm down for a Crossroads and some street corn any day.
Love This Sign!
OMG I love when i walk into restaurants and see stuff like this! lol The sign in a place I went to eat recently. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't take me a minute but then i realized duh, the restrooms are that way! lol
Love The Tablet Menu-Here’s Why!
Shout out to restaurants that have these menu tablet thingy's to entertain my 4 year old! It keeps her quiet, chill, occupied, happy and any other adjective that describes a happy little girl. lol The page to color and 2 crayons are good for a short time but apparently gets 'boring' a…
My Day Was Made When I Saw This
You see that middle option there? The Big Red? Oh yeah that's my jam! I don't find it at any restaurant often, but when I do....IT.IS.OVER! Anyone else a Big Red fan?
i can't with this
I was at dinner the other night with some friends and is it me or do you glance around the table to see what everyone has ordered once your food arrives? Maybe I'm nosy like that, but I do. So I glance at the guy across from me and see this half a cow mooing at me! What in the world is this?
Are You a Germaphobe?
If you are a germaphobe like me, you are happy when you walk into a restaurant and see this. An antibacterial hand sanitizer for everyone to use! For people like me, this is as good as winning the lotto. Ok maybe a tad bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift.
found my fave drink
Can we talk about how happy I get when I see this as an option at any restaurant? Big Red is my jam but it is not offered any and everywhere you go. When I see it, you can bet it's my go-to. Well that and Diet Dr.Pepper, another one that is not available just anywhere.
Do You Love This Pay At Your Table Method?
Yes please! While having lunch with a friend the other day, I had the pleasure of using this check yourself out and leave the restaurant when you want gadget.  lol Or at least that's what I called it, because as soon as we were done eating, we didn't even have to wait for our server t…
White Queso or Regular?
I am telling you right now, in my opinion, the queso at any mexican food restaurant can make or break that establishment for me. I hit up some lunch the other day at Delicia's and ordered queso. Yes please, I quickly discovered I could drink this stuff...why? Because it 's the white cheese…

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