Is Midland Getting A Chuy’s Tex Mex Restaurant In 2022?
Stop it right now! Stop the presses! Is this true, because if it's not my little Tex-Mex heart can't take it! Let me tell you right now anytime I leave town and go to a bigger city that has this restaurant, it is my first stop. Mr. Iglesias and I loooooove this place and there is a 'r…
Would You Enforce This Rule With Your Teens Like This Mom Did?
I came across this story on Reddit and as a mom of 3, I get it. I say yes! Good for you parents! A mother created a new house rule for her teenage daughter and now her daughter is furious with momma. As a mom who has already gone through those tough teenage years with one of my kiddos, I can just im…
Believe It Or Not This Is A Total Weakness For Me
Why am I like this? I just discovered something about myself that I don't think I ever knew before. I can diet all day long, all year long, forever and ever amen but I just realized there are certain foods that will make my diet go out the window!
Are Tamales And Menudo Ok To Eat Year Round?
Look and listen to me right now....menudo and tamales are acceptable year round! There is no question, there is no argument in my opinion. However, if you are asking an old school momma or tia, they will tell you no, it is only for the colder months or you have to wait for Christmas when everyone ge…
It Might Surprise You Where I Found The Best Fried Chicken
You probably hear me on the regular talking about our friends with United Supermarkets and Market Street. It is no secret that that is where Leo and I shop. Not together but separately and often. lol I am a fan of the ready meals, Leo prefers the bakery. Those thumbprint cookies tho!
Old Sorehead Trade Days This Weekend In Stanton
It's 2021 which means it's time for a few old soreheads to convene in Stanton, TX. That's right, an annual tradition, Old Sorehead Trade Days, which takes place every year, twice a year, the second weekend in the months of April and October are scheduled for this weekend.

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