Recently David Beckham revealed that his wife Victoria eats the exact same thing every single day and suddenly it makes perfect sense. She is so thin and has been since her Spice Girls days!

According to David,

Unfortunately I'm married to someone that has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years! Since I met Victoria, she only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables.

And all I can say is same bruh. lol I get it 100%! He says that she rarely deviates from eating her fish and veggies and speaking from experience, I can honestly say I do the same. I wouldn't say I eat the same thing every single day, but I do eat probably the same 3 things every week. Fish, chicken, veggies. I will alternate, but it is always some combination of these 3 items.

Why would a person do this? For a number of reasons actually, sometimes it is a matter of what agrees with your tummy, if you know that this is something you can eat consistently you stick with it. Also, if you don't like very many others things, you stick with what you do. I'm not a burger, fries, steak, meat and potatoes girl. I will enjoy them on occasion but my fish and chicken are the equivalent to a steak dinner for me.

Also, the obvious answer, diet. If you are constantly trying to watch what you eat like myself and no doubt a celebrity like Victoria Beckham, eating the exact same thing within reason, really helps. You already know how many calories that particular dish has and it's filling. What food could you eat every single day if you had to?

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