We always hear about celebrities, with their millions, how they spend their money on lavish trips, expensive clothes, cars, bags, shoes. Every now and then you hear about how this celeb bought a parent or family member a home or a new car but it's very rare that you hear of a celebrity doing good in the world for regular folks

I get it, you became successful, take care of your own but what about spreading love, joy and happiness to the 'little people?' Just common folks like you and I? Well let me tell you, I saw this video on TikTok and have seen several others like it. Shaquille O'Neal understood the assignment.

The man is worth about $400 million! Leo and Rebecca in the Morning told the story once about how he paid off a complete stranger's engagement ring for his girl.

In the video, he says whenever he goes to a store from now on, he's buying something for someone else. I have watched this video a dozen times and it gets me every time. Someone was in the room cutting onions at one point because wow. Finally, a celebrity who gets it.

Everyday I leave the house, I've gotta bless somebody. I try to do something positive, I try to lift a person's spirits....

Shaquille O'Neal

I dare you to watch the video and not get tears in your eyes. Isn't this what we should all want in this life? To bless others, to lift their spirits....I love this and I had to share.

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