Why am I like this? I just discovered something about myself that I don't think I ever knew before. I can diet all day long, all year long, forever and ever amen but I just realized there are certain foods that will make my diet go out the window! 

Let me explain...legit you can offer me a big, fat, juicy steak, nah, no thanks I'm not much of a meat eater. You can offer me a burger, fries, chicken fried steak, almost any breakfast item, most fast food and I won't budge, I won't break a diet.

But the other night, my family was trying to decide what to have for dinner, I didn't feel like cooking and someone brought up pizza. Bingo! Yeah I totally forgot about the diet. Throw in some breaksticks and I'm done.


Then since back to school lunches are a thing again, I buy my kids sweets. I mean, they have to have something sweet in their lunch boxes right? Well guess what? As long as mom knows there is something sweet in the pantry, it.is.over. Late night sweet cravings are a thing for me. Ugghhh, sweets are a HUGE weakness for me!


Then the very next night my babies asked momma for homemade tortillas. I hesitated for a split second then I thought to myself well, my tortillas do sound good. So I busted some out for us...I mean my littles. lol Yeah, tortillas get me everytime too. Pretty much any of these food items will have me rethinking any diet, any time, anywhere. What is the food that will make you 'fall off the diet wagon?'

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