Is there anything open 24 hours anymore? I think once the pandemic shut everything down for the better part of a year, the stores that once stayed open round the clock, adjusted their hours and never went back to the old schedule. Walmart is the perfect example, used to be 24 hours but most if not all, now do close earlier. 

I miss that. There are certain establishments that I think should be 24 hours. Most convenience stores, some of my favorite late night breakfast spots but more importantly, I wish my all-time favorite food, pizza joints were 24 hours

Think about it? When do you get a hankering for pizza? In the wee hours. Just the other night, new year's eve actually, we had just finished bingeing the new season of Cobra Kai, it was 3 am and I wanted pizza. I was on a Cobra Kai high, not the slightest bit tired and wanted to snack and at that time pizza was on the the brain. I know I'm not the only one who gets like this from time to time!

I can totally see Target shoppers wishing for that to be 24 hours, folks who don't like to deal with traffic wanting to grocery shop at 2 am, the possibilities are endless. What do you wish in Midland or Odessa stayed open 24 hours?

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