List Of Restaurants Offering Free Meals Or Discounts To Our Veterans Today
A very big THANK YOU on this Veteran's Day to our Veterans. Those who have served and are currently serving. One of the many ways that our Veterans can be honored is by treating them to a meal or a discount as a small way of saying thanks! Here are a list of restaurants that have offers for our Veterans today. (Participating locations only.)
Does West Texas Have The Best And Most Authentic Mexican Food?
I like to eat. I'm a healthy latina and I love my food, especially what I grew up eating...mexican food! I will always say homemade, momma's cooking is hands down the best but I will never be able to recreate what she did. The food I grew up eating is by far the best. We all think that about momma's cooking am I right?
New Burger Place Is About To Open In Midland-Have You Ever Tried It?
I love all the new businesses that have come to the 432 in recent years. It makes me happy when we get restaurants or retail stores that 'big cities' have because that means I don't have to wait until a weekend out-of-town to shop at some of my favorites but I get super excited when we get a place I've never been to before! I discovered this in Midland yesterday....
I Don't Like This New Thing At Restaurants
Ok now that we are all getting back to a routine, eating at our favorite restaurants, I finally found something I do NOT like about our new normal. It actually had nothing to do with food either. It was the soda/te machine. (I forgot to take a picture of the sign) but it stated that due to the current situation, you cannot get a drink refill. Wth?
What Is The 1st Thing You Plan To Do When We Are Out Of Quarantine?
What is the 1st thing you plan to do once things return back to 'normal?' Do you constantly ask yourself that and the answer is different each day? lol That's me. Some days I say go out to eat at my very favorite restaurant and just sit there as long as I want since I'm not able to right now. On a different day I say SHOP 'til I drop, or take a trip and then another day I might tell you I'm going
Can We Please Get This Restaurant In This Area?
Ok so enough about which establishments are coming to the 4-3-2, let's talk about what we need to come to the area. Anytime we visit Lubbock, I'm telling you right now, this is one of our stops without a doubt! Chuy's!
What Are Your Thoughts On This?
Eating out over the weekend, I discovered something about myself that I never really knew. lol I don't like cloth napkins at restaurants! Do you feel me on this one? They just don't seem sanitary. Did someone blow their mocos in them and now I'm wiping my mouth? Are they washed regularly?
sweetener shortage?
Is there a 'great artificial sweetener shortage of 2017' that I'm not aware of? I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on that pretty much every restaurant I go to, I have to ask for sweetener of any kind. What happened to the days of the little pink, blue or yellow packets being on the table?

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