I Love This Pie Protector From Domino’s
When you listen to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, you have a chance every single morning with birthday shouts at 7:30 to win a free Domino's pizza. Our family orders pizza from Domino's regularly and in case you haven't in awhile I wanted to show you the extra step Domino's has …
Palio’s Pizza Cafe Is Soooo Good
Have you tried Palio's Pizza Cafe in Midland? We did yesterday and let me say they have some amazing pizza! I mean just check out the photos. Their specialty pizzas are so yummy and possibly my favorite is the buffalo pizza which has actual buffalo sauce drizzled with ranch all over.
Cinergy Odessa To Offer Curbside Friday And Saturday
Can I tell you 1 thing that I have thoroughly missed throughout this quarantine? Going to the movies! Well, that's a given. More importantly, my movie popcorn! My family is probably tired of hearing me say on a Friday or Saturday night, I sure could go for some movie popcorn right now. Literall…
pizza loyalty
So much for loyalty. A new survey pretty much proves that a slice of pizza is of much more value than friendship. LOL
Would you give out your friends private info for a slice of pizza? This survey says most would.
We talk about it below on Leo and Rebecca in the morning...
To Pineapple or Not to Pineapple?
I never realized the pineapple on pizza was such a touchy subject. I know I am VERY opinionated on the subject but I had no clue that others felt so strongly about their pies.
From tomatoes, to jalapenos, to sausage, to chicken to anchovies, there is only one topping that people will really argue to …
cold pizza
Ok so this caused a stir earlier today amongst my coworkers and I. Pizza. In this case, cold pizza. I do not like cold pizza! I had these 2 pieces and went and warmed them up and my coworker freaked out.

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